英会話 例文・フレーズ集 ver. 2 Downpour – Cloudburst – 雨・土砂降り

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Downpour – Cloudburst – 雨・土砂降り を英語で表現

drizzle  霧雨、小雨が降る
ex) Patchy freezing drizzle is possible after midnight.

drizzle /ˈdrɪzəl/: to rain in very small drops
* コーヒーの caramel drizzle は 液状キャラメルを コーヒーに細く垂らすこと

a sprinkle    小雨
ex) The sprinkle outside my window just turned to sleet.

sprinkle /ˈsprɪŋkəl/: a light rain

be showery      にわか雨の
ex) A cool showery morning gave way to a sunny afternoon.

showery /ˈʃawəri/: having a lot of rain showers

scattered rain 通り雨
ex) Scattered rain is expected across the Bay area.
ベイエリアで 通り雨が予想されます
scatter /ˈskætɚ/: [+ object] : to cause (things or people) to separate and go in different directions
ex) The wind scattered the pile of leaves.

It’s pouring.     土砂降りだ
ex) Many people lined up in the pouring rain outside the station.

pour /ˈpoɚ/: to rain heavily
ex) It poured all day.

a downpour   土砂降り
ex) The downpour has never let up all through the night.

a drenching rain  土砂降り
ex) More drenching rain is expected today in the northern area.

be drenched ずぶ濡れになる
ex) My shoes were completely drenched in the rain.

drench /ˈdrɛntʃ/: to make (someone or something) completely wet

cloudburst   土砂降り
ex) It looks exactly like a massive cloudburst.

cloudburst /ˈklaʊdˌbɚst/: a brief time when it rains very hard

rain cats and dogs  土砂降りだ
ex) it’s been raining cats and dogs since Monday evening.
月曜日の朝から ひどい雨が続ていてる

rain cats and dogs: to rain very heavily.

rain buckets 大雨が降っている
ex) It’s been raining buckets all day.

rain buckets: rain heavily

come down (雨、雪)降る
ex) The rain has started to come down.  雨が降り始めた
ex) It’s really coming down. 本降りになってきた

雨が止む Stop – Let up を用いた表現

It’s not raining anymore.
雨が 止んだ(雨は もう降っていない)

stop  (雨が)止む
ex) Te rain has stopped. = It has stopped raining. 雨が止んだ

ex) We are wainting for the rain to stop and the water to recede.
雨が止み、水が引くのを 待っている

let up 雨が止む
ex) The rain won’t let up anytime soon.
雨が 今すぐ止むことはないであろう

let up: to stop or become slower
ex) Won’t this rain ever let up?

turn into … … に変わる
ex) At what temperature does rain turn into snow?
気温何度で 雨は雪に変わりますか

hail 霰(ひょう)が降る
ex) Hail is a large frozen raindrop produced by intense thunderstorms.
ひょう は 強い雷雨によって引き起こされる 大きな 氷状の雨粒である

ex) It’s hailing outside. = Hail is falling from the sky

hail /ˈheɪl/: pieces of ice that fall from clouds like rain
ex) Hail storms are more common in warm weather.

sleet みぞれ
ex) The snow turned to sleet and made driving very dangerous.

sleet /ˈsliːt/ : frozen or partly frozen rain

inclement weather 悪天候
T: What’s the inclement weather policy?
悪天候の場合の 契約条件(返金など)は どのようなものですか?

inclement /ɪnˈklɛmənt/: having rain and storms : stormy
ex) The game was postponed due to inclement weather.

 inclement の反意語は  clement /ˈklɛmənt/: not too hot or too cold
ex) The country is known for its clement [= mild] weather.


Feel at ease – 安心・安全な を英語で表現

Movie – First-run – 映画・上映・封切 を英語で表現

Role – Responsibility – 役割・役目 を英語表現

feel Pinches – in a Bind – 困る・困難 を英語で表現

Handful – Skimpy – 少し・少量 を英語で表現

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