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Backtrack – 後戻り・後退・逆行を 英語で表現

□ backtrack    後戻りする
ex) I don’t think we can afford to backtrack on the old policy.
以前の方針に 後戻りする余裕は 私たちにはない

backtrack /ˈbækˌtræk/: to go back over a course or path
ex) The hikers realized they had made a wrong turn and would have to backtrack.

□ backslide   (悪い方へ)後戻りする
ex) If I cheat on my exercise now, I’ll really start backsliding.
もし エクササイズをさぼれば、以前の状態に 後戻りしてしまう

backslide /ˈbækˌslaɪd/: to start doing something bad again after you have stopped it
ex) I was afraid of backsliding [=relapsing] into my old habits.

□ slide back into … … に後戻りする
ex) The economy is sliding back into a recession.
経済は 再度不況に陥りつつある

slide back: to fall away
ex) The strap of her dress kept sliding down/off.

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Advanced English Expressions – #116

relapse (悪い方へ)後戻りする、(病気など)再発する
ex) The country soon relapsed into chaos.
その国は すぐに 混沌の渦に 逆戻りした

relapse /rɪˈlæps/: to return to a bad condition, form of behavior, etc.
ex) She stayed out of trouble for a long time, but then she relapsed into her old ways.

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Casual English Phrases – #285

□ backpedal    後戻りする撤回するペダルを逆に踏む
ex) Bike share companies will backpedal out of Canada.
自転車シェアの会社 は カナダから撤退するでしょう

backpedal /ˈbækˌpɛdl̟/: to move backward with quick steps
ex) The outfielder backpedaled a few steps to catch the fly ball.

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□ throwback   後戻り再来
ex) This may be a throwback to our childhood years when we felt powerless.
自分が無力と感じる時は、 幼少期の再来のようなものなのかも知れない

throwback /ˈθroʊˌbæk/: a person or thing that is similar to someone or something from the past or that is suited to an earlier time
ex) She’s a throwback to the actresses of the 1950s.

fall back into … … に再び陥る
ex) They’ll fall back into financial crises.
再び 財政危機に陥るであろう

fall back into: to go back to doing something or behaving in a way which you did before
ex) I was amazed at how easily I fell back into the old routine.

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Advanced English Expressions – #690

regress 後戻りする逆行する
ex) The patient is regressing to a childlike state.
その患者は 子供のような状態に 逆行している

regress /ˈriːˌgrɛs/: to return to an earlier and usually worse or less developed condition or state
ex) Art has been regressing toward adolescence for more than a generation now.

英検1級を目指す方へ – ワンランク上の 英語表現 – 1,000

Advanced English Expressions – #812

spontaneous regression 自然治癒力 = spontaneous-remission
ex) A majority of children who lose their sense of smell from flu will experience a spontaneous recovery within six months.
インフルエンザにより 味覚を失くした 子供の大半は 6か月以内に 自然治癒力により 回復している

spontaneous regression /rɪˈgrɛʃən/: an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that usually progresses
ex) Spontaneous-Remission Effect refers to the sudden disappearance of a disorder or unexpected improvement in a disease.

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Advanced English Expressions – #210

revert (元の状態・習慣に)戻る
ex) She has reverted (back) to her old habits.
彼女は 昔の習慣に 戻ってしまった

revert /rɪˈvɚt/: to go back or return to (an earlier state, condition, situation, etc.)
ex) My blood pressure has reverted to normal.
= My blood pressure has returned to normal.

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go backwards 後退する
ex) Can you think of examples where technology has gone backwards?
技術が 後退してしまった例に ついて考えてくれますか?

backwards /ˈbækwɚdz/: toward the back
ex) Count backwards from 10.


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