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Recline – Put Back one’s Seat – 「飛行機の座席を倒す」 – 英語表現

recline 座席を倒す
ex) Is it rude to recline your seat on a plane?
機内で 座席を倒すのは 無礼でしょうか?

recline /rɪˈklaɪn/: to lean backward
ex) Does that chair recline?

put back (倒した座席を)元に戻す
ex) How can I put back my flight seat in the upright position on a plane?
どうやって 機内で倒した座席を 元の位置に戻せますか?

put back: to return (something) to the place where it belongs
ex) Remember to put the vacuum cleaner back in the closet after you’ve used it.

kick one’s feet up on … … の上に足を投げ出す
ex) Don’t kick your feet up on the armrest in front of you.
前の座席の ひじ掛けに 足を投げ出し 乗せてはいけない

kick one’s feet up on: lounge with one’s feet elevated, as on a sofa
ex) All I want to do for this evening is kick my feet up and watch some movies.

lounge ゆったり座る、横になる、ブラブラと過ごす
ex) She was lounging on the seat.
彼女は 座席にゆったりと 座っていた

lounge /ˈlaʊnʤ/: to sit or lie in a relaxed way
ex) He was lounging by the pool all afternoon.

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keep the seat upright 椅子の背もたれを倒さない
ex) Would you mind keeping the seat upright?
椅子の背もたれを 倒さないでいただけますか?

upright /ˈʌpˌraɪt/: positioned to be straight up
ex) Keeping seats upright during takeoff makes the plane windows more visible to flight attendants.

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Casual English Phrases – #578

downright 全く、完全の
ex) One survey found 41% of people consider reclining a seat downright rude.
ある調査によると 41% の人が 機内の座席を 倒すことは 全くの無礼であると考えている

downright /ˈdaʊnˌraɪt/: to the fullest degree : completely or totally
ex) It’s very difficult, if not downright impossible.

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Casual English Phrases – #215

kick up one’s heels リラックスして楽しむ = kick up one’s heels
ex) They spent most of their Saturdays kicking up their heels at the various nightclubs around town.

kick up your heels: to relax and enjoy yourself
ex) After exams were over, the students had a little time to kick up their heels.

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Advanced English Expressions – #070

encroach  (徐々に)侵入する
ex) When you lean your seat back, you’re encroaching into the space of the passenger behind you.
座席を 後ろに倒している時、後部座席の乗客のスペースに侵入していることになる

encroach /ɪnˈkroʊtʃ/: to gradually move or go into an area that is beyond the usual or desired limits
ex) The suburbs encroach further into the rural areas each year.

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Casual English Phrases – #409

cramped 窮屈な、詰め込んだ
ex) Flight attendants feel the pain of cramped aircraft seats, too.
フライト アテンダントも 機内の座席の窮屈さに 苦痛を感じている

cramped /ˈkræmpt/: not having enough space inside : too small and crowded
ex) The family has been living in the cramped apartment for three months.

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