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Select – Pick Out – 選ぶ・選択 を 使い分ける

choose の使い方

Choose は 選ぶ を意味する 汎用性の高い動詞です。

choose 選ぶ、選択する
ex) You can choose your favorite among the four.
4つの中から 好きなものを選んで

choose to … … することを選ぶ
ex) I’ve chosen to live in Tokyo.
東京に住むことを 選びました

choose /ˈtʃuːz/ : to decide that a particular person or thing is the one that you want
ex) The political party chose a leader.

choice 選択
ex) Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.
運命は 偶然の事ではなく、選択の問題だ

choice /ˈtʃoɪs/: the act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities
ex) He knew he had to make a choice.
= Choose one thing or another.

of choice (最適なものを)選択すること
ex) Please make a reservation for me at the hotel of your choice.

of choice: a range of things that can be chosen
ex) You have the choice of coffee or tea.

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Casual English Phrases – #191

choosy 好みにうるさい、選り好みする
ex) She’s pretty choosy about her clothes.
彼女は 洋服にうるさい

ex) For a healthy diet, be choosy about your cheese.
健康な食生活のために チーズ選びの際は 慎重に

chooey /ˈtʃuːzi/ : very careful in choosing
ex) We could afford to be as choosy as we wanted to be.

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Pick out の使い方

Pick outChoose と同様 汎用性の高いイデオムです。

pick out 選ぶ
ex) Pick out a topic   テーマを一つ選んで

pick out: to choose or select (the best or most appropriate person or thing) from a group
ex) It took him an hour to pick out [=pick] what to wear.


□ pick up   買う(ちょっと行って、見つけだして)
ex) Will you pick up that magazine on the way home from work?
帰宅途中に あの雑誌を買ってきて

pick up /ˈpɪk/: to buy or get (something)
ex) Have you picked up a copy of her new CD yet?

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select の使い方

selectchose より 吟味して選ぶ 意味を持ちます

select 選ぶ
ex) Select your answer from multiple choices.
複数の選択肢の中から 答えを選んで

select /səˈlɛkt/: to choose (someone or something) from a group
ex) Please select one item from the list.

selective 選択的な
ex) You have to be selective.

ex) selective subject    選択科目

selective /səˈlɛktɪv/: careful to choose only the best people or things
ex) He is very selective [=picky, choosy] about which tomatoes to use for the sauce.

selection 選ぶこと、選ばれた人(モノ)
ex) We pride ourselves on the vast selection of used cars.
選び抜いた 中古車を提供している

selection /səˈlɛkʃən/: the act of choosing something or someone from a group
ex) The selection of the best poem was difficult.

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Casual English Phrases – #504

picky 好みにうるさい、より好みする
ex) He’s picky about his beer. It must be Guinness, it must be fresh, and it must be freezing.
彼のビールの好みは偏っている。 フレッシュで、すごく冷えた ギネスでないと 駄目だ

picky /ˈpɪki/: very careful or too careful about choosing or accepting things : hard to please
ex) She’s very picky about what brands of shoes she’ll wear.

picky eating 偏食、食べ物の好みの偏り
ex) Picky eating can become so restrictive in some cases that it’s even classified as a type of eating disorder.
ケースによっては 偏食も 摂食障害として 取扱われる

Picky Eating is when a child (or adult) refuses foods often or eats the same foods over and over.
ex) Many children are picky eaters, and fussy eating is normal.

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Elect の使い方

Select から S を取った Elect は 選挙で 候補者を選ぶ という意味を持ちます。

elect (選挙で候補者を)選ぶ
ex)) He will be elected Mayor.   市長に選ばれるだろう

elect /ɪˈlɛkt/: to select (someone) for a position, job, etc., by voting
ex) She was elected (as) senator.
= She was elected to the Senate.

□ election   選挙
ex) A snap election is imminent.
抜き打ち選挙(衆議院解散選挙)が 目の前に迫っている

ex) election campaign    選挙運動

election /ɪˈlɛkʃən/: the act or process of choosing someone for a public office by voting
ex) He’s favored to win the election.


Opt の使い方

opt は 具体的な選択肢の中から 選ぶ ことを意味します。

opt for … … を選ぶ
ex) He opted for chocolate ice cream this time.
今回 彼は チョコレートアイスクリームを選択した

opt to … … することを選ぶ
ex) You can opt to pay in up to 24 payments.

opt /ˈɑːpt/: to choose one thing instead of another — often + for
ex) She was offered a job but opted to go to college instead.

opt in … … に入る(関わることを)選択する
ex) More workers would opt in the new health insurance.
より多くの労働者が 新しい健康保険に加入するであろう

opt in: to choose to do or be involved in something
ex) The company offered a new health insurance plan so that more workers would opt in.

□ opt out of …   …への不参加を選択する
cf) More workers would opt out of the old health insurance.
より多くの労働者が 古い健康保険を脱退するであろう

ex) I understand that my opt-out request may require up to six weeks to take effect.
私の 不参加のリクエストは、6週間以内に 有効になることを 理解している

option 選択肢
ex) She’s eager to take up bookkeeping as career option.
彼女は 職業の選択肢として 簿記を勉強することに 熱心である

option /ˈɑːpʃən/: the opportunity or ability to choose something or to choose between two or more things
ex) You have the option of staying home or coming with us.

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cull (多くのものから 良いものを)選択する抜粋する
ex) She culled the information from newspaper articles.
新聞の記事から 情報を抜粋した

cull /ˈkʌl/: to select or choose (someone or something) from a group
ex) Damaged fruits are culled (out) before the produce is shipped.

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