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Polite – Respectful – Protocol – 「礼儀正しい・感じのよい」を英語で表現

polite 礼儀正しい
ex) You can’t accuse him of being rude: he’s always extremely polite.
彼を粗野であると 非難することは できない。 とても 礼儀正しい人だから

polite /pəˈlaɪt/: having or showing good manners or respect for other people
ex) Your children are very polite.
= They behave well with other people

□ personable     風采、感じのよい
ex) You are so organized, personable and unique.
君は きっちりしていて、感じが良く、個性的だ

personable /ˈpɚsənəbəl/: friendly or pleasant in manner : easy to get along with
ex) The hostess was very personable.

□ charming   感じのよい(人の性質、顔)
ex) His charming behavior could enchant anyone very easily.
彼の感じのよい振舞いは 誰をも 楽しい気分にさせるだろう

charming /ˈtʃɑɚmɪŋ/: very pleasing or appealing
ex) There’s a charming little café by the sea.

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□ decorum    礼儀正しさ、(pl.)礼儀作法
ex) In order to achieve any real success, you need a certain level of decorum.
本当の成功にたどり着くために、一定レベルの 礼儀正しさが 必要である

decorum /dɪˈkorəm/: correct or proper behavior that shows respect and good manners
ex) Court decorum [=proper behavior in a courtroom] requires that all parties address the judge as “Your Honor.”

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□ courteous   礼儀正しい
ex) Be courteous and thankful the bus driver.
バスの運転手さんに 礼儀正しく、感謝の意をこめて

courteous /ˈkɚtijəs/ : very polite in a way that shows respect
ex) The clerks were helpful and courteous.

courtesy   礼儀礼儀正しさ
ex) I was treated very professional and with courtsey.

courtesy /ˈkɚtəsi/: polite behavior that shows respect for other people
ex) He didn’t even have the common courtesy [=he was not even as polite as people can usually be expected to be] to say goodbye when he left.

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amiable  親切な、感じの良い
ex) Everyone knows him as an amiable fellow.
彼が 感じの良い人と 誰もが知っている

amiable /ˈeɪmijəbəl/: friendly and pleasant
ex) She had an amiable conversation with her friend.

amicable 友好的な
ex) The discussions were amicable.
討論は 友好的で あった

amicable /ˈæmɪkəbəl/: showing a polite and friendly desire to avoid disagreement and argument
ex) They reached an amicable agreement.

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