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Repulsive – Displeasure – 「不快感・不愉快に思う」 を英語で表現

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Advanced English Expressions – #307

repulsive 不快な、嫌いな
ex) Talcum powder’s smell is repulsive enough for lizards to steer clear of your home.
ベビー・パウダーの 匂いは トカゲにとって 屋内から逃げ出すほど 不快である

repulsive /rɪˈpʌlsɪv/: causing strong dislike or disgust
ex) The man finds the woman’s smoking repulsive.

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grate on me    不快感を与える
ex) Her habit of asking personal questions grates on me.
彼女の 個人的な質問をする習慣に 不快感を覚える

grate /ˈgreɪt/ : to have an annoying effect
ex) His negative attitude begins to grate after a while.
= His attitude becomes very irritating after a while.

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□ putoff with ‥   ‥を不快にさせる
ex) You really don’t know how much you put people off with your attitude.
君が その態度で どんなに人々を 不快にしているか 気づいていない

put off: to cause (someone) to dislike someone or something
ex) Don’t let the restaurant’s dingy appearance put you off—their food is great.

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Casual English Phrases – #851

dingy (部屋・建物など)黒ずんだ薄汚い
ex) The lack of natural light seem dingy rather than cozy.
自然光の 足りない部屋は 居心地が良いと言うよりも 薄汚いように思える

dingy /ˈdɪnʤi/: dark and dirty : not fresh or clean
ex) He’s been staying in a dingy motel.

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□ displeasure 不機嫌、不快感
ex) Fans showed their displeasure at the umpire’s call by booing loudly.
ファンは ブーイングをすることによって 審判への 不快感を示した

displeasure /dɪsˈplɛʒɚ/: a feeling of unhappiness or annoyance
ex) The meeting will give people who object to the policy a chance to voice their displeasure.

resent 不快に思う、腹立だしく思う
ex) She resented being told what to do.

resent /rɪˈzɛnt/ : to be angry or upset about (someone or something that you think is unfair)
ex) I do resent people who help me in a patronizing manner.

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□ I hate the sight of …    …は見るのも嫌だ
ex) A staggering six out of ten men admitting to hating the sight of their blood.
驚くことに 10人中 6人の男性が 自分の地を見ることを 不快と 感じている

cf) Does the sight of a big lizard fill you with dread?
大きなトカゲを見ると 恐怖感に襲われますか?

sight /ˈsaɪt/: the act of seeing someone or something
ex) Everybody hates the sight of you.


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