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Firm – Enterprise – 「会社・子会社・外資系企業」を英語で表現

Q. CompanyFirm は どちらも 会社 の意味ですが、使い分け方はありますか?

A. Company は 一般的な 株式会社 を意味します。
Firm は 法人各を持たない 2名以上の 合資会社 です。 Firm は 法律事務所や、設計事務所 など専門的知識を有する団体に 用いられます。

company 会社
ex) She joined the company last year.
彼女は 昨年その会社で 働き始めた

company /ˈkʌmpəni/: a business organization that makes, buys, or sells goods or provides services in exchange for money
ex) He runs his own trucking company.

firm 会社
ex) We are an operational consulting firm focused on global supply chain.
当社は グローバル サプライチェーンに 特化した 戦略コンサルタント会社です

firm /ˈfɚm/: a business organization
ex) Let our law firm help you with divorce, child custod and other family legal problems.

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enterprise 企業
ex) The enterprise headquarters is in Missouri with operating units in six states.
その企業の本社はミズーリ州にあり、6つの州で 事業を展開している

enterprise /ˈɛntɚˌpraɪz/: a business organization
ex) When he purchased the company it was a thriving commercial enterprise.

Pty. Ltd. = proprietary limited    (豪州など) 株式会社
ex) When setting up a company, the Pty Ltd is short for “Proprietary Limited”.
会社設立の際 用いる Pty Ltd は 株式会社 を意味する

Pty: used after the names of companies in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
ex) Proprietary Limited, abbreviated as Pty Ltd, is a familiar term, especially if you have ever been in business with companies.

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proprietary    所有者の 私有の
ex) The investors have a proprietary interest in the land.
投資者たちは その土地の 独占的所有権を 有している

proprietary /prəˈprajəˌteri/: of or like that of an owner
ex) The publisher has proprietary rights [=the rights of an owner] to the manuscript.

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subsidiary 子会社
ex) Technically that company is not a subsidiary of its U.S. parent company.

subsidiary /səbˈsɪdiˌeri/: a company that is owned or controlled by another company
ex) A subsidiary is a business entity that is fully owned or partially controlled by another company

business entity 企業体
ex) One division of the company was broken off as a separate business entity.
一つの部署は 分離した企業体として 会社から切り離された

entity /ˈɛntəti/: something that exists by itself : something that is separate from other things
ex) Laws governing business entities generally require that the entity’s name be unique from the names of other entities doing business in the state.

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associated company 関連会社
ex) The company has 4 subsidiaries and 10 associated companies.

associate /əˈsoʊʃiˌeɪt/: When one thing is associated with another, they happen together or are related or connected in some way.
ex) An associate company may be partly owned by another company or group of companies.

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