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Tip – Gratuity – チップ・心付け を英語で表現

Tip – 名詞の使い方

give … a tipにチップを渡す
ex) I’ll give the waiter a $5 tip.

ex) You may want to give the waiter a $10 tip.

tip /ˈtɪp/: to give an extra amount of money to someone who performs a service for you
ex) Did you remember to tip the waiter/waitress?

tip チップを渡す
ex) How much should I tip my hairstylist?
ヘアスタイリストに いくらチップを渡せばよいだろう?

tip on … … を基に チップを支払う
ex) Tip on the pre-tax amount of the bill, not on the total.
総額でなく、税抜き総額を 基に(計算し)チップを払って

ex) I’ll tip on the full amount for food and beverages.
食べ物、飲物 の総額を基に(計算し)、チップを払う

tip /ˈtɪp/: to give an extra amount of money to someone who performs a service for you
ex) Did you remember to tip the waiter/waitress?

leave a tip  チップを置く
ex) You can leave a tip to your restaurant server.

leave /ˈliːv/ : to go away and allow or cause (something or someone) to remain
ex) Please leave your books at home.

hand a tip  チップを手渡す
ex) It’s a good idea to hand the tip to the server rather than leaving it on the table.
テーブルにチップを置くのでなく 係員にチップを手渡しするのは良い案だ

hand /ˈhænd/: to give (something) to someone using your hands
ex) He handed her a letter.
= He handed a letter to her.

ex) Put the tip inside the check holder.
勘定書きの 伝票入れに挟んで

tipper チップを渡す人
ex) She is a generous tipper.
彼女はチップを渡す時 気前が良い

初心者コースも充実。 自分だけの 個人レッスンをデザインしよう!

Tip – 動詞の使い方

tip + 人    チップを渡す
ex) Tip the bartender.

tip .. ... .. にチップを渡す (SVOO)
ex) I’ll tip an attendant at least 15 percent.
係の人に 少なくとも15% のチップを渡す

What percentage 何パーセント?
ex) What percentage should I tip?
何%のチップを 置くべきか

fair percentage (チップとして)適切なパーセント
ex) What is a fair percentage to tip waiters?
ウエイターに渡すチップは 何パーセント位が 適切であろうか?

ex) What is a fair tip percentage?
渡すチップは 何%位が 良いか?

ex) A fair tip percentage is 15% of the total bill.
支払い金額総額の 15% が 適切なチップの額である

cf) 15% before taxes is a fair amount of tip.
税抜き金額の 15% が 適切なチップの額である

percentage /pɚˈsɛntɪʤ/: a number or rate that is expressed as a certain number of parts of something divided into 100 parts
ex) If a goalie saves 96 out of 100 shots, his save percentage is 96 percent.

tip extra チップを多めに渡す
ex) Tip extra for exceptional service.
素晴らしいサービスに対しては 多めにチップを渡して


Keep the change. お釣りは 取っておいて
ex) When you say keep the change, it doesn’t matter the amount of money, lower or higher.
お釣りは 取っておいて と言うと 渡すお金の量が 少ないか、多いかは 重要でない

keep the change: a n instruction to a taxi driver, waiter etc. to keep the change from the amount handed over as a tip
ex) If you give a tip, “Keep the Change.” only applies to your benevolence.

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Tip に関連する表現

gratuity  心付け謝礼 (tip よりフォーマルな言い方)
ex) The gratuity will be 15% when it’s automatically included.
予めチップが(請求に)含まれている場合、 チップは 15% だ

gratuity /grəˈtuːwəti/: an amount of money given to a person (such as a waiter or waitress) who has performed a service
ex) A 15 percent gratuity is automatically added to the restaurant bill.

customary  慣習となっている習慣の
ex) Tipping is customary for taxi.
タクシー利用の際の チップは 慣習となっている

ex) There are customary amounts that you should leave for good service.
良いサービスを受けた際に 習慣的に渡す額 (チップの相場)がある

customary /ˈkʌstəˌmeri/: usually done in a particular situation or at a particular place or time
ex) It is customary to hold the door open for someone who is entering a building behind you.

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skimp on 節約する、けちる
ex) Don’t skimp on the tip.
チップを けちらないで

skimp /ˈskɪmp/: to spend less time, money, etc., on something than is needed
ex) Don’t skimp on sleep.

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be included in ...   … に含まれる
ex) If gratuities are included in bill, how much extra should you give?
心付けが 請求に含まれる場合、どの位 追加のチップを 置くべきでしょうか?

include /ɪnˈkluːd/ : to have (someone or something) as part of a group or total : to contain (someone or something) in a group or as a part of something
ex) Many restaurants will include a gratuity on the bill for groups of eight or more.

calculate the tip チップを計算する
ex) I know some easy ways to calculate the tip.

calculate /ˈkælkjəˌleɪt/: to find (a number, answer, etc.) by using mathematical processes
ex) calculate mass/area/distance/speed

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Casual English Phrases – #943

do the math 計算をする
ex) Do the math to figure out the tip.
チップの額を 見積もるための 計算をして

do the math /ˈmæθ/: make a calculation or come to a conclusion based on the relevant facts and figures
ex) Do the math means to add up facts and figures in order to come to a conclusion.

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tip jar チップを入れる瓶
ex) Tip jars are becoming more common at small take-out places.
チップを入れる瓶 は小規模の テイクアウト レストランで 一般的になっている

tip jar /ˈʤɑɚ/: also known as a tip cup is a container, commonly a glass jars, into which customers can put a gratuity.
ex) A change jar and a tip jar are not the same thing.


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