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Taxi Scam – Rip Off – 「タクシー詐欺・不当な料金」を英語で表現

take the long route (タクシーなど)遠回りをする
ex) Maybe the driver took the long route or failed to turn on the meter.
恐らく タクシー運転手は 遠回りをしたか、メーターを付け忘れたのだ

route /ˈruːt/: a way to get from one place to another place
ex) You can tell the cab driver to take your preferred route from the start.

take the shortest route (タクシーなど)一番近道をする
ex) Do taxi drivers choose the shortest routes?
タクシー運転手は 一番の近道を選ぶものでしょうか?

route /ˈruːt/ a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.
ex) When I first started driving a cab, I drove the shortest route.

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long-hauling (タクシーなど)遠回りをする
ex) Should you have a problem with the cab long-hauling you, call the taxi Authority.
万が一 タクシーの 遠回りの 被害 にあった場合は タクシー協会に連絡して

long-hauling /ˈhɑːl/: the practice of taking a longer than necessary route to get you to your hotel/resort destination
ex) The most frequent long-haul from the airport to hotels is to use the tunnel.

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excessive fare 過度の運賃
ex) The fare just seems excessive.

excessive /ɛkˈsɛsɪv/: going beyond what is usual, normal, or proper
ex) The regulation of taxi fares is an important mechanism to protect customers from being charged excessive fares.

flat rate  (運賃など)均一料金
ex) Flat rate means that the rate will remain the same regardless of the distance.
均一料金とは 走行距離に関わらず 運賃が 同一であると いうことです

flat /ˈflæt/: not changing in amount
ex) They charged a flat rate for their services.


initial fee 初乗り料金
ex) The cost of a taxi ride is an initial fee plus $1.50 for each mile.
タクシーの乗車賃は 初乗り料金と、1マイルにつき 1.5ドルが加算される

initial /ɪˈnɪʃəl/: occurring at the beginning of something
ex) The price of a taxi ride includes an initial fee of $2.75 plus $2.20 per mile.


late-night surcharge 深夜追加料金
ex) How much is the late-night surcharge for taxi fares?
タクシー運賃にかかる 深夜追加料金はいくらですか?

surcharge /ˈsɚˌtʃɑɚʤ/: an amount of money that must be paid in addition to the regular price
ex) The airline has added a $20 fuel surcharge on all international flights.

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rip off (料金を) ぼる盗む
ex) This can dramatically decrease your odds of getting ripped off by a taxi driver.
この方法を使えば タクシー運転手から 料金をぼられる 可能性は 劇的に減る

rip off /ˈrɪp/ : cheat someone, especially financially.
ex) Try to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous cab drivers.

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Advanced English Expressions – #458

unscrupulous たちの悪い不謹慎な
ex) Unscrupulous taxi drivers have been attempting to rip off arriving tourists for decades.
たちの悪い タクシー運転手は 何十年に渡り 到着した観光客から 料金をぼろうとしている

unscrupulous /ˌʌnˈskruːpjələs/: not honest or fair : doing things that are wrong, dishonest, or illegal
ex) Unscrupulous taxi-drivers are seriously damaging the country’s reputation.


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Advanced English Expressions – #120

scrupulous   入念な、細心の注意を払った
ex) She is always scrupulous about her work.
彼女はいつも 自分の仕事に 誤りが無いよう 入念である

scrupulous /ˈskruːpjələs/: very careful about doing something correctly
ex) The work requires scrupulous attention to detail.

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overcharge (所定の金額より)高い請求をする
ex) The driver overcharges his customers for a taxi ride.
タクシー運賃を 乗客に高く 請求した

overcharge /ˌoʊvɚˈtʃɑɚʤ/: to charge too much for something
ex) The passanger was overcharged (by) $10.

shortchange お釣りを少なくよこす不当・不公平に扱う
ex) The passenger complains taxi driver shortchanged $10.
乗客は タクシー運転手から お釣りを 10ドル少なく渡された

shortchange /ˈʃoɚtˈtʃeɪnʤ/: to give (someone) less than the correct amount of change
ex) The flipside is that cabbies are being shortchanged with virtually every fare.


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